Parent Aide & Support Services

The DeVanna Center Parent Aide Services goal is to assess the  strengths of our parents and identify the needs of their family. The Family Support Workers’ are individuals, many of whom are parents themselves,  extensively trained  in understanding the developmental needs of child(ren),  medical requirements such as immunization and positive and productive parenting methods.   Our Family Support Workers  will educate and encourage families to develop healthy ways in raising children, including:

  • Parenting Responsibilities ~ Appropriate discipline, rules, and stress management.
  • Identifying Needs of the Children ~ Educational needs, medical needs, and proper nutrition.
  • Home Management Skills ~ Housekeeping, organization, and  budgeting.
  • Identifying, Selecting, and Connecting to Community Resources
    • Community Resource Services
    • Counseling Services ~ Individual, Family, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Disorders
    • Educational Supports and Services
    • Financial Assistance Services
    • Furniture/Clothing Donation Services
    • Housing Services
    • Nutrition and Food Pantry Services

Advocacy and Educational Programs

The Dianne DeVanna Center offers an array of educational programs for parents, grandparents and community partners .  Please contact the center to schedule a training.