Parent Aide

Parent Aide Services are provided by our Family Support Workers. Family Support Workers join with the family to help parents understand their child’s development, needs and growth opportunities. The Family Support Worker is available to meet with the family multiple times a week. Families may receive support related to:

Child Development– The Family Support Worker will work with the parents and educate them on the developmental milestones that their child(ren) should be attaining. Together with the child and families service team the Worker will assist families in supporting children in reaching age appropriate milestones and skills.

Parenting Style– The Dianne DeVanna staff understand that there are a number of parenting styles. We work with the family to understand their parenting style and how to utilize discipline, rules and routine that best fits the needs of the family and supports healthy growth.

Home Management– Financial pressure can negatively impact a family system. The Family Support Worker will assist the family in budgeting, organization as well as proper housekeeping and nutritional needs of the child(ren)

Parenting Responsibilities– Ensuring that children receive the proper medical attention including immunizations and check ups is critical to healthy development. The Family Support Worker will support parents in addressing the child(ren) medical needs.